Abbe Refractometer Microscope Student
Astronomical Mirror Telescope Microtomes
Astronomical Telescope Moisture Meter Digital
Audio Oscillator Muffle Furnace
Audio Visual Aids Newton Ring Microscope
Audio Visual Accessories Optical Measuring Micro
Automatic Petrol gas Plant Oscilloscope Dual Trace
Automatic Pipette Washer Oscilloscope Single Trace
Automobile Oven
Automobile Teaching Model-1 Over Head Projector
Automobile Teaching Model-2 Paraffin Bath
Babinet Compensator pH Meter Digital
Balances Photo Colorimeter
Barometer Physics-1
Barometer Parts Physics-2
Bi-Prism Asembly Physics-3
BOD Incubator Physics-4
Boiling Point Apparatus Physics-5
Bomb Calorimeter Part-1 Physics-6
Bomb Calorimeter Part-2 Physics-7
Callendar and Griffth Bridge Physics-8
Compression Testing Machine

Plasticware Part-1

Centrifuge Machines Plasticware Part-2
COD Test apparatus Plasticware Part-3
Conductivity Meter Plasticware Part-4
Constant Deviation Spectrograph Polarimeter
Decade Condenser Box Prismatic Compass
Deionizer Profile Projector
Desauty Bridge  Rheostat Loading
Digital Instruments Schering Maxwell Brigde
Distillation Unit Shaker Water
Distillation Funnel Slide Projectors
DO Meter Soxhlet Apparatus
Electric Burner Spectrophotometer Digital
Electronic Digital Instruments (Analytical) Thermo Dynamic Labs
Electronic Standard Cell Turbidity Meter
Epidiascope Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus

Flame Photometer

Universal Drafting Machine  
Flux Meter Vacuum Oven
Function Generator Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
Glassware-1 Vortex Shaker
Glassware-2 Viscosity Apparatus
Glassware-3 Water and Soil Analysis Kit
Globes Water Bath Double/ Single
Glucometer Water Bath Serological
G.M. Counter Water Distillation Apparatus
Gauss Meter Digital  Water Deionizer
Hall Effect Setup   Water Distillation Manesty Type
Heat Transfer lab. Wheatstone Brigde
Heating Instruments Willy Mill
Heating Mantle    
High Temperature Oil bath    
Hot Plate    
Hydraullic Lab.     
Industrial Kelvin Bridge    
Infrared Moisture Balance    
Karl Fisher Titrimeter    
Kelvin Bridge    
Lab Stirrer    
Laminar Air Flow    
Lummer Brodhum Photometer    
Lux Meter Digital    
Magnetic Stirrer    
Measuring Microscope     
Mechanical Operation Lab.    
Melting Point Apparatus     
Michelson Interferometer    
Mettalurgical Microscope (Binocular)    
Microscope Dissecting    
Microscope Inverted Tissue Culture    
Microscope Mettalurgical Student    
Microscope Polarizing Ore     
Microscope Projection    
Micro Scale Reader    
Microscope Stereo Binocular     
Microscope Stereo Dissecting    
Microscope Student Special    
Microscope Tool Maker    
Microscope Trinocular Research    
Microsacope Zoom Stereoscopic Binocular    
Microscope Binocular Research    
Microscope Medical